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Aboriginal Art Therapy

Aboriginal Art Therapy is about using symbolism developed over thousand of years to  help modern day people step outside of their own heads and perspectives. They gain a new understanding of themselves, how their journey has shaped them plus what resilience and coping strategies they’ve developed.

Aboriginal Art Therapy is for Indigenous and non Indigenous groups or individuals. All materials are provided unless the workshop is online.

Some Feedback from Gestault students… 4th August 2019

Thank You… I appreciate the quiet stillness, presence and space to reflect.  Thanks for sharing y our creative ways of communicating through symbols.

Thank you. I feel I have a much better understanding of recent/current the trauma is and therefore the impact of this. The way this difficult information was delivered was great and I learnt a lot.

The things we have discussed have implication for a list of what we do and I am excited that this training has started the conversation for us. Thank you.

Thank you for a beautiful heart centred experience!

You do good work woman, never forget that… 

( Indigenous Psychologist)

Beyond expectations. Added value and understanding of Aboriginal issues extend for specific work situations/ environment.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with such generosity

Thank you for your kindness, time, and sharing!

Many Thanks!  What a sensational awakening. I really liked it… Keith

A really useful experience that touched both head and heart.

Good to have examples to relate the information presented. Great stories and time to reflect was helpful.

Significantly Impacting! Love the humour too… Bec

Fa’afteai Lasi (thank you) for taking us on a journey… Leah

Thank you, Thank you, thank You from the depth of my heart… Thank  you for your grace, generosity, gifting us colour symbol.

Really enjoyed the training – realised there is lots of pockets of good practice and need to transfer to whole organisation. Also realise there is still lots more we can do and more to learn and implement.

Enjoying painting the boxes and the practical discussions