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Resources for Teachers

Do YOU really want to improve things for future generations?

Aboriginal students are Aboriginal every day of the year, not just at NAIDOC time. They deal with racism, discrimination and a negative stereotype every day, for the rest of their lives…. Unless you do something about it!

What can you do?  Visually and physically immerse Aboriginal Culture within your classroom.  

Cultural diversity will enrich your students lives.

Will this make more work for teachers? No, it will make things easier. 

I have developed everything you need to provide culturally appropriate and comprehensive lessons that are  Smartboard friendly.

Cultural Classes for Teachers

All classes are in digital format making it easy to projected onto your classroom smartboard,  saving printing. All files will be emailed to you upon purchase with instructions.


Each Cultural Class Includes:

Classroom Lessons (including games, biology, artwork etc)

Video on the animal in the story.

A Dreamtime Story

A Fact Sheet

A4 Life Lesson Poster

A3 Colour Poster

A4 Black and White poster for colouring in


$120 each or $450 for a bundle of 4 Classes. 

  • If you purchase all 4 Cultural Classes you receive a bonus booklet, 
  • Gootamundra the Unhappy Little Turtle. 

Cultural Classes for Teachers  are lesson plans to help you  normalise Aboriginal Culture  for all your students. I supply you with culturally appropriate material  so you don’t have to worry about getting it right. 

This will result in your students having a better understanding and acceptance of different cultures. In addition, these Cultural Classes for Teachers help you to teach different life skills that will benefit all your students. As a result it may result in better behaviour in the classroom.