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Where your subconscious will be able to express your inner thoughts and feelings
without you uttering a word!


Do you resist going to a counsellor as it may be scary, or you are worried about having to share your inner thoughts?

Have you been seeing a therapist or counsellor for a while but feel like you are not getting anywhere?

By participating in an Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy Workshop, you will gain an insight into what the real issues are in your life, and you don’t need to say anything.


As a counsellor, therapist, or social worker, you are responsible for helping people overcome the challenges of trauma. Whether it is childhood abuse, a life-changing event, or a major health crisis, trauma can leave deep scars that affect a person’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, trauma recovery is not a linear process, and it can take months or even years before someone is able to move on from their experiences fully. However, there are things you can do as a practitioner to speed up the recovery process and help your clients achieve lasting healing.

The Benefits of Using Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy in the First Session

As a therapist, building rapport and trust with your client is crucial. It sets the foundation for a successful therapeutic journey. However, it can be challenging to get to the root of the problem in the first session. That is where Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy comes in. This therapy utilizes visual art, traditional symbols, and storytelling to explore the client’s subconscious and uncover the deeper issues that are causing their current struggles.

Understanding Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy:

Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy is a therapeutic approach developed from traditional Aboriginal practices. It uses the visual language of art and storytelling to facilitate the process of self-understanding and personal growth. The therapy allows the client to express complex emotions that cannot be put into words. The counselling therapist guides the client through a process of self-reflection, gaining increased insights into their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

The Benefits of Using Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy:

The benefits of using Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy in the first session are numerous. It provides an alternative way for the client to express themselves non-verbally, which is especially important for those who are unable to articulate their thoughts and feelings. The therapy is inclusive of all cultures, which is essential when working with clients from different backgrounds. Additionally, it creates a safe and non-judgemental space for the client to share their experiences, leading to more profound insights and a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

How Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy Works:

Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy uses guided visual activities created specifically for the client to explore their subconscious mind. The process involves the creation of artwork that represents the client’s feelings, emotions, and experiences. The artwork is used as a tool for reflection and conversation between the client and the therapeutic counsellor. The symbolism used in the artwork can be interpreted through a process of traditional storytelling, leading to insights into the client’s inner world and the issues they face.

The Importance of Trust and Rapport:

Building trust and rapport in the first session is crucial for the success of therapy. It sets the foundation for future sessions and allows the client to feel safe and secure. Using Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy can help build trust and rapport as it provides a non-invasive way for the client to share their experiences. The guided visual activities allow the client to express themselves without feeling exposed or vulnerable.

The Power of Uncovering Deeper Issues:

Understanding the deeper issues that are causing the client’s struggles is essential for effective therapy. Using Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy in the first session allows the client to uncover their subconscious beliefs and patterns. It helps the client identify their struggles and provides a foundation for future work. The insights gained in the first session can be used as a roadmap for future sessions, leading to lasting changes and personal growth.

In conclusion, Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy provides an effective way to build rapport and trust in the first session while uncovering deeper issues that the client may not be able to articulate verbally. It is inclusive of all cultures and provides a safe and non-judgemental space for the client to share their experiences. By utilizing Aboriginal Art Counselling Therapy in the first session, therapists can help their clients identify the root of their struggles and set the foundation for a successful therapeutic journey.

Unleashing the Latest Counselling Techniques with Donna

However, traditional counselling approaches have often struggled to resonate with a diverse set of people. This is where Donna, an award-winning Australian Aboriginal artist, educator, and counsellor, comes in. Donna has been teaching the latest counselling techniques to clients such as Gestalt Therapy Australia’s upcoming year three students, University Queensland Psychology students, and many more, bringing a modern approach to counselling that reduces stress and anxiety within clients.

Donna uses a unique approach based on indigenous wisdom and practices to build emotional intelligence, particularly for those who have Indigenous trauma requiring healing. Her blend of traditional and modern techniques infuses art therapy, visualizations, and other mindfulness exercises to address different emotional needs. Donna understands that clients are unique individuals with diverse needs, and there is no one size fits all approach. Her counselling techniques have been successful with different clients across the board.

Donna uses the visual symbols clients create as a tool to decode the mysteries of the psyche beneath their emotions.

Donna’s counselling techniques are unique because they are based on Indigenous wisdom and practices, such as connection to nature and community. These principles are vital in the healing process, as they create a holistic approach to healing, going beyond the individual to the community. Donna works closely with communities, elders, and different stakeholders in creating an inclusive and collaborative environment that fosters the healing process.

If you are looking for more powerful counselling techniques, Donna is the go-to person.


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