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Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

Building Bridges: Working Effectively with Aboriginal Clients and Staff

In today’s globalised world, diversity has become the norm. To create inclusive and welcoming workplaces, organisations need to learn how to work with diverse cultures, including Aboriginal communities. Respectful consultation with Aboriginal communities is important for building good relationships, developing effective policy and project design, and promoting best practice. Whether you have Aboriginal clients or staff, it is essential to work collaboratively and respectfully.

Understand the local community

Before starting any project, it is important to gather information about the Aboriginal community you are working with. This includes identifying important cultural protocols and the community’s decision-making processes. It is vital that those in positions of power work with local elders and community leaders to ensure their views and experiences are respected and reflected in project outcomes.

Involve the community

Aboriginal communities often have a deep knowledge of their land, culture, and history. This knowledge is immensely valuable when creating effective policy and projects. Therefore, it is essential to involve the local community in decision-making processes. Connect with community members and organisations, and involve them in all project phases from the early consultation stage to implementation.

Learn from Cultural Consultants

Working with Cultural Consultants such as Donna Hensen can help organisations develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal cultures and their protocols. A Cultural Consultant can work with an organisation to develop strategies for effectively working with Aboriginal communities whilst respecting their culture and protocols.

Develop Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Training is beneficial for all members of an organisation. Cultural awareness training assists in authentic communication with Aboriginal communities and staff, it enhances staff retention, and it strengthens relationships built on mutual respect. Training is an important step for successful collaboration with Aboriginal communities.

Maintain Respectful Communication

Maintaining respectful communication is a cornerstone of working effectively with Aboriginal communities. Work with community members to identify communication needs and processes, including language, visual communication or touch. Do not make assumptions about what is appropriate, ask experienced people for guidance, and ensure protocols are respected.

Developing strong and positive relationships with Aboriginal communities require respect, understanding, and communication. Involve the community and Cultural Consultant for complete project involvement, develop cultural training and maintain respectful communication to promote effective collaboration. Building bridges through cultural understanding provides benefits to both the business and the Aboriginal communities in-need.

Below are some of the organisations that has Donna has Consultant on:

Donna Hensen Royal Commission
The Seedling Group

 The Seedling Group – professional consultant for multiple Indigenous projects including local to national projects.

2015 – Current

The National Healing Foundation: