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Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

Do you have Aboriginal Clients or Aboriginal Staff?

Respectful Aboriginal consultation is important as it helps build a strong foundation for good policy development, project design and delivery. It is also the cornerstone of best- practice.  For businesses it improves relationships and staff retention.  

Working with (rather than working “on”) Indigenous communities can be achieved when service providers involve community members; identify pressing needs; utilise existing networks, services, and resources; balance the talking with the doing.

As a Cultural Consultant I assist your organisation with effectively interaction with Aboriginal people and communities.  Prior knowledge and training will make it easier for you to achieve satisfying results for yourself and community.

Having an Aboriginal Cultural Consultant working with you will help you to acquire authentic information, feedback and solutions.

Below are some of the organisations that has Donna has Consultant on:

Donna Hensen Royal Commission
The Seedling Group

 The Seedling Group – professional consultant for multiple Indigenous projects including local to national projects.

2015 – Current

The National Healing Foundation: