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Aunty Donna’s Morning Meditations

Aunty Donna's Morning Meditations

Because Little People come to school

with Big Worries.

I created these meditations as ALL little people may come to school with big worries and big problems.

The eight (8) counselling and cultural strategies that I incorporate are:

  1. Compartmentalising
  2. Self awareness
  3. Breathing for relaxation
  4. Visualization
  5. Building Belonging in the classroom
  6. Building Trust for their teacher.
  7. Repetition – is familiar and soothes the senses.
  8. Build connection to the world/nature around them.

Using these meditations each morning creates a morning ritual that enhances the students ability to settle, focus and learn. 

Meditation helps students be more present and focused during their studies. Meditation can also help teachers manage stress and better connect with their students.

Mindfulness Practices for Students

Meditation can help students focus on the present moment, leaving any worries or problems from home at the door. With this newfound clarity, students are better able to concentrate on their studies and stay engaged throughout their lessons. Research has shown that meditation can improve academic performance by reducing test anxiety, improving memory retention, and increasing creativity. Additionally, mindful meditation can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in adolescents which can hinder learning ability.

Meditation Practices Helps Teachers

Meditating before class helps teachers remain calm and composed throughout their lesson plans. It also allows them to develop a greater connection with each individual student as they become more aware of how each child is feeling mentally and emotionally. Meditation can also benefit teachers professionally by aiding them in managing stress levels, developing empathy towards students, improving communication skills with colleagues, and providing an overall sense of well-being.

Meditation has many benefits both inside and outside the classroom environment. For students, it helps them stay focused on the present moment while allowing them to compartmentalize what is happening in their life outside of school hours. For teachers, it helps them remain composed while teaching whilst developing communication skills with colleagues as well as a deeper connection with their students. Taking just five minutes out of your day to practice mindfulness can have lasting impacts within educational settings.


5 Guided Meditations each incorporating six counselling strategies: