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Painting Analysis and Counselling Session

Painting Analysis and Counselling Session

Analysing Trauma through Art: Understanding the Power of Painting Analysis and Counselling

Painting is a form of expression, a way to communicate emotions and feelings that we often fail to explain in words. Painting analysis is a technique that has proved to be an incredibly powerful way to uncover the root cause of emotional trauma. 

Trauma often resides deep within our subconscious, meaning it can be hard for us to bring it to the surface. But painting provides a safe and effective way to do so. 

The painting’s interpretation will guide the practitioner in helping you understand your underlying emotions and thoughts. This interpretation is then used to tailor a counselling session that addresses your individual needs as a person. The interpretation can even reveal insights into your personality and beliefs that you may not have realised. Understanding these underlying factors gives the practitioner a powerful tool to help you understand yourself better and find meaningful interventions.

Many people who have undergone painting analysis and counselling sessions have reported a feeling of release and healing. It can be freeing to express and explore emotions that may have been buried for years. The process of interpreting the paintings creates a sense of self-awareness and consciousness that is essential for healing.

NOTE: Counselling sessions are normally $300+GST except for the one session just after your participation in an Aboriginal Art Therapy Workshop.